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With Your FREE 30-Day Trial of Our FULL ULTIMATE MEMBERSHIP, YOU Get to Watch MORE THAN SIXTY Full Class Videos in the Comfort of Your Own Home 24/7.

Today there's too much Uncertainty, Stress, Anxiety or sometimes even Grief, Loss, Isolation & Depression due to Covid-19, Finances or the Political Situation.

But feeling Grounded, Calm & Connected is Possible When We Look Inside to Find Our True Self. 
The Best Way to Become Calm & Grounded is through Community, Compassion, Breathing and Meditation. 
YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  These are Challenging Times.  We Are a Resource for You!

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Nan Feels Calm & Re-calibrated:

"I have a background in Hatha Yoga (exercise)
so I wasn't sure what this was about. 
But I felt So Calm afterwards!"


You Are Your Own Guru

Meditate With Us To Expand Your Awareness
and to Know Your Own True Self

You Are Consciousness Waking Up To Itself
You May Be Greater Than You May Think You Are:
How Could Anyone Ever Tell You, You're Anything Less Than Beautiful?

You Are Not Your Mind
You Are Not Your Body
Your Mind & Your Body Are Your Tools
You Are YOU

You Are The One Divine Consciousness Made Flesh
his is Not a Religion
It's a Realization
We Are All ONE
Open to All, Regardless of Age or Physical Disabilities - No Experience Necessary

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Here's Some of What You Get with Your FREE 30-Day Trial Full Ultimate Membership...

You Get to Watch More Than Sixty Full Class Video Recordings On Demand 24/7

Live Class Attendance Is Not Required.  Several People Watch the Replay Videos Rather than Attending Live.

You Get to Attend FOUR FREE "Meditation & Gong Relaxation Experience" Classes with Sunny Hills Live Online

FOUR Saturday Live Classes are FREE for You from 10 to 11 am Pacific Time via Zoom - Or You Can Watch the Replay Videos Later.

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This is Simple, Easy, Refreshing, Gentle Yoga, Open to Beginners & People of All Ages

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Highest Quality Double Gong Relaxations to Clear Your Subconscious Mind

These are an Important Part of Every Meditation Class and of Every Full Class Video, Featuring Our 34" Brilliant Symphonic Gong & Our 38" Sound Creation Earth Gong

Optional Community Sharing Time After Every Saturday Live Class

After Each Live Class, We Turn the Cameras Off for Our Confidential Sharing Time.  These Discussions Build Upon the Personal Connections Between Us, Strengthening Our Sense of Community.

Membership In Our "Circle Of Compassion" Community

Our Private Online Community Pages where Members Share Personal News, Insights, Comments & Photos.

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Sunny's Personal Mantra Couplets

Each Week You Get Access to An Inspiring Mantra Couplet that You Can Use During the Week.  This 28-Part Series was Written & Revised During Sunny's Morning Meditations over a 12-Month Period.

Sunny Radio

You'll Get Access to All of the Songs We Sing & Play In Class via Spotify = More Than 26 Hours of GREAT MUSIC!

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Here's what others are saying...

My soul energy connected to the music, your words, the breath work & the wonderful gong session making me feel more balanced and whole.



"My favorite as a professional musician & a professional sound person is, of course, the Gong, the Gong Sound."

--Alan Wasserman,

Your FREE 30-Day Trial Includes All of Three Items Below & More!


Free Sample Class Video


✔  Getting Centered

✔  Easy Warm-up Stretches

✔  Simple Breathing Exercise

✔  "Meditation To Bless Yourself"

✔  Healing Double-Gong Relaxation

✔  Wake-up Stretches

✔  Song to Listen To or Sing

✔  Closing Prayer

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Single Live Saturday Meditation & Gong Relaxation Experience Online
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✔  15-Minute Meet & Greet Before Class Begins

✔  Getting Centered

✔  Easy Warm-up Stretches

✔  Simple Breathing Exercise

✔  Unique Meditation of the Week

✔  Healing Double-Gong Relaxation

✔  Wake-up Stretches

✔  Song to Listen To or Sing

✔  Closing Prayer

✔  Optional Participation in "Our Circle of Compassion" Group Sharing Time After Class

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✔  Everything Listed in the Single Live Saturday Class Option -- PLUS:

✔  Admission to ALL Weekly Live Meditation & Gong Relaxation Experience Classes led by Sunny Hills, featuring our Two Large Gongs

✔  Admission to ALL Weekly Live Gentle Restorative Yoga Classes led by Robert Lee

✔  24/7 On-Demand Access to High-Quality Video Recordings of All New Classes & All Past Classes (More than SIXTY at this time)

✔  Admission to Optional Live "Circle of Compassion" Discussions that are Private and Not Recorded.  This is a time each week for us to connect with each other as a community of like minded people, who are "Naturally Creative, Resourceful & Whole.

✔  Member Access to Our "Circle of Compassion" Community Area on this website, where You can engage in our private group dialogue, asking questions, sharing ideas and making supportive comments 24/7

✔  Weekly Releases of 8-syllable "Mantra Couplets" from Sunny, revealing and sharing with You his Personal 28-Part Meditation called:  "This Is Who I'm Becoming Now."

✔  Access to All of the Songs We Sing & Play In Class via Spotify = More Than 26 Hours of GREAT MUSIC!

✔  Free Use of our Mobile App for Viewing All Member Area Resources at Any Time 24/7

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About Sunny

Certified 500-Hour Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Certified by KRI, the Kundalini Research Institute, Espanola, New Mexico, USA

Sunny Began Practicing Kundalini Yoga & Meditation on August 8th, 1971 = Fifty Years Ago

Here Are His Teaching Certificates:

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