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Nan Feels Calm & Recalibrated:

"I have a background in Hatha Yoga (exercise) so I wasn't sure what this was about.  But I felt So Calm afterwards!"


Alan Finds The Classes To Be Inspirational:

"My favorite as a professional musician & a professional sound person is, of course, the Gong, the Gong Sound."

Hello & Welcome!  I’m Sunny Hills, and I’m here to tell You about:  “Online Kundalini Meditation, Music, Mantra, Gong & Song.”
  1. Calm Space
  2. Enjoy Doing Meditations
  3. Feel Rested, Refreshed & Rejuvenated
  4. Feel Grounded & Calm
  5. Connect With Your Divine Self, The Truth of Who You Are

As A Founding Member Of Our Online Group You Get: 

1) Free Admission to our Weekly Live Meditation Classes, including our "Healing Double Gong Relaxation," led by Sunny Hills (Each Class is $12 for Non-Members)

2) On-Demand Access to All Past Class Video Recordings so You can enjoy them, or any part of them, over and over again 24/7

3) Membership In "Our Circle Of Compassion" Community Area, where You can engage in our private group dialogue, asking questions or making comments 24/7 - We Are Creative, Resourceful & Whole!

4) Optional Live "Circle of Compassion" Discussions After Each Live Meditation Class  - a time to share and connect with our community of like minded people

5) Weekly Releases of 28 "Mantra Couplets" from Sunny revealing his Personal Meditation called:  "This Is Who I'm Becoming Now"


Our Weekly Meditations Help With:

- Releasing Distress & Anger

- Creating Self Love

- Conquering Pain

- Connect You With Your Capacity For Infinity

- Heal A Broken Heart & To Regain Wholeness After Loss

- To Improve Your Brain Function

- Guidance to the Way Through Any Block

- Healing Addictions

Click Here: 15-Day Trial for $1

What to Expect In Every Class:

Every class is different.
Every class is easy & can even be done in a chair! 
We have no advanced classes.  

We don't do much physically, just 4 - 5 easy warm-up stretches.  

Our 3 to 5 minute Breathing Exercise changes each week.

We also feature a Uniquely Powerful Meditation each week.

Then, You’re Rewarded with a Relaxing Double Gong Layout. 

These Large Gongs help You clear Your subconscious mind of stress & negativity.
It's a time to release thoughts or feelings that no longer serve You. 

The cosmic sounds of these gongs are a real highlight of each class.
Everyone experiences the Gongs differently.
Whatever You may experience is going to be Perfect for You! 

After the Gong Layout, we slowly stretch and wake up, and then sing. 
Your microphone is muted, so You can sing in private! 

We close our class with what we call the “Sunshine Song” & a prayer for everyone. 

After class, You can choose either to leave, or to stay on for a time of community sharing. 

We each, in turn, share for just a couple of minutes about how we are doing this week.  You can just listen, without commenting, or trying to "solve" anyone's problems. 

You can leave before the sharing, if You prefer. 

For More Info, Call or Email:

Help Line Message Phone = (541) 525-9355

Email:  [email protected]

Click Here: 15-Day Trial for $1