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Sunny Hills Meditation Full Ultimate Monthly Membership

Join our membership today and receive:

  • Free admission to ALL weekly live Spiritual Kundalini Meditation & Triple Gong Relaxation  Classes led by Sunny Hills.
  • Free admission to ALL weekly live Triple-Gong-Bath Sound Journey Classes led by Sunny Hills. 
  • Free admission to ALL weekly live Gentle Restorative Yoga Classes led by Robert Lee.
  • 24/7 On-Demand Access to video recordings of all new classes & of all past classes, going back to July 11th, 2020, so You can enjoy them, or any part of them, over and over again.
  • Free Admission to ALL Optional Live "Sharing Time" Discussions following each Live Class =  These are Private and Not Recorded.
  • 24/7 Access to Our Private "Circle of Compassion" Community Area on this website, where You can engage in our private group dialogue, asking questions, sharing ideas, and making supportive comments 24/7.
  • 28 Weekly Releases of 8-syllable "Mantra Couplets" from Sunny, sharing with You his 28-Part Meditation called:  "This Is Who I'm Becoming Now."
  • Plus, all other benefits of membership described on the SunnyHillsMeditation.com Home Page.

Our membership provides a "calm space" for You to access meditations that will calm and rejuvenate You.

Our goal is to help you feel grounded and calm in times of stress and uncertainty.

There are no prerequisites to participate in our meditations, and all are welcome.

Etheric gong vibrations help carry You into a higher stratosphere where you can clear your subconscious mind by releasing old thoughts, feelings, memories, traumas, or other elements that no longer serve you.

No two classes are the same.

Some of our recent meditations help with:

  • Releasing Distress & Anger
  • Creating Self Love
  • Conquering Pain
  • Connect You With Your Capacity For Infinity
  • Heal A Broken Heart & To Regain Wholeness After Any Loss
  • To Improve Your Brain Function

You're Invited to Join Us and Elevate Yourself, Celebrate Yourself and Invest In Yourself.

All Live Classes Are Recorded and Can Be Accessed Anytime as Video Recordings Playable On-Demand 24/7 in the Membership Area.