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Contentment - Would You Choose It?

What are Your thoughts on Contentment?
Contentment = A state of happiness and satisfaction.

If You could push a button and be contented always, would You push it?
Not so fast.
Think about it.
What would You gain?  AND --> What would You lose?

For decades now, I've been operating with the belief that We can choose our thoughts.

Yes, our thoughts can run amok sometimes, but when We notice this happening, We can step back ,  pause and make another choice = choose another thought.

Today, I'm experimenting with choosing contentment.
Will You try this experiment with me?

One way to try it might be to use this positive affirmation:

"Today, I'm wearing contentment like it's a pair of shoes"

Or, perhaps use a mantra with each inhale and exhale throughout the day - something like:
INHALE:   "I'm Happy"
EXHALE:   "I'm Satisfied"

It may be difficult and We might fail.
What then?

Do You think We could be content with that?

Have You...

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Mantra, Breathing & Focus

One of our  members mentioned he has a "wandering mind" when it comes to using a mantra.

Seems to me we all have wandering minds.

I think the idea of a mantra is to practice it a few minutes at a time, until we start building up more focus.

The easiest way to focus, is to sit in easy pose, and meditate with a straight spine, eyes closed, and focusing at the brow point.

Also, tying the mantra to the breath, of course.

It's more challenging (= more difficult) to breathe with a mantra when we are moving around during the day.

Although, going on a walk, or going for a run, can put us in sort of a meditative trance that helps us focus on our breath and on our mantra.

My challenge is to try to breathe 4 times/minute (when I'm restful) with a mantra going, trying to do it all day long, or even for an hour, or even for 5 minutes or so.

If I'm more active, walking or working with body movement, then 8x/min is more reasonable.

The yogis say if we can breathe...

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