What is “Tuning In” in Kundalini Yoga?

creative energy divine first cause kundalini yoga meditation teacher tuning in wisdom Feb 09, 2021
Creative Energy of the Universe

What is “Tuning In” in Kundalini Yoga?

"Tuning In" is a shortcut to making a connection with the entire Universe and with the unheard vibration & the unseen manifestation of the central pulse of all being.

By chanting our five words:  “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” 3 to 5 times out loud, we align ourselves with that ever-present, but often ignored, vibrating pulse-beat of the Creator of All Life, the First Cause of All Creation, the Creative Energy of the Universe, the Allness of All & the Oneness of All.

By chanting these 5 words, we are vibrating every cell in our body.  We’re tuning the vibrational tone of our heart & mind to the Oneness of All, and to the Vastness of 300-Billion Galaxies, including our own Milky Way Galaxy.

“Ong” is that vibrating Allness.  Some call it God.  Some call it Creative Energy.  Some never think of it and don’t call it anything.

“Namo“ literally means:  “I name,” or “I identify.”  But in this context, it means:  “I acknowledge and honor.”

So, "Ong Namo" means:  “I acknowledge and honor the "Allness of All," the "Oneness of All," the “Creative Energy of the Universe,” “God.”

The next three words have a similar meaning but with a slightly different twist.

"Guru" means:  “teacher” or “wisdom.”  A Guru is anything that takes You from darkness into light.

"Dev" means:   "unseen" or "transparent."  Dev can all at once mean:  "crystal-clear," and "unclouded," while at the same time being "hidden," or "unnoticed."

So, "Guru Dev Namo" means:  "I acknowledge & honor the hidden teacher that is often unnoticed, while at the same time being crystal-clear & unclouded."

When we chant these five words at the beginning of a class, we are acknowledging and honoring the very essence of life, the mystery, the majesty, and the unknown nature of it all, unimaginable, indescribable, magical, precious, honored, stable and trustworthy.

We are embodying ourselves with the Divine, by bringing our attention, our focus and our devotion to the Very Essence of Life and to our experience as human beings.

So the next time You’re in a Kundalini Yoga Class, or the next time You’re sitting down to meditate, You are invited to use this mantra in order to lift Yourself up, giving Yourself a head-start on the purpose You’re about to explore with Your class or Your meditation.

I hope this explanation is helpful.

Blessings to You & Your Loved Ones!
~Sunny 😊💕💕
~Sunny Hills,
President, Bizbuild.com, Inc.

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