Meet Sunny Hills . . .


In the fall of 2014 Sunny & Vicky attended an alumni event at Sunny’s alma mater, St. John’s College.  They randomly met a sophomore there and exchanged contact info.    

In the Spring of 2016, Sunny called the young student to see how he was doing.  He wasn’t doing too well.  He had dropped out of school and was working on a dairy farm.  Sunny had been certified as a CPCC = Professional Co-Active Coach in 2001, but had stopped practicing in 2009, in order to dedicate himself full time to his work with Google.

From 2016-2019, Sunny coached his young protégé who returned to St. John’s, graduating with 2 Ariel Internships at Los Alamos National Laboratory. That success was followed by the award of a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for a full-time position at the lab, among an elite team of PhD’s and College Professors.  The highly esteemed Scientific American magazine featured his photo in a July 2020 Article about the bleeding-edge work that he & his team have done with Neutrinos and Dark Matter.

That was the beginning of Sunny’s avocation of coaching 3 or 4 young people at no charge, as his way of “giving back” to the Universe for all of the blessings & support he had received from his mentors in his earlier years. He continues to coach 4 young people pro bono to this day. All 4 have been moving forward steadily & successfully to fulfill their greatest dreams.

In 2018, during his morning meditations, Sunny was prompted to expand his reach in helping others, by teaching Kundalini Yoga at Unity of the Valley & in his home, donating 100% of the class fees to Unity of the Valley, Eugene.  He felt he could reach more people in a group yoga class than he could as an individual life coach.   

Those classes inspired him to invest in two large gongs in order to enhance the class experience for his students.  In the Fall of 2018, he started taking piano lessons, hoping to someday write music specifically to further enhance the class experience of his students. 

Those twice-weekly classes continued through February of 2020, until the Pandemic made it unsafe to meet in groups for live yoga classes.  Sunny held a few “Community Calls” online with his yoga students for a few months, just to stay in contact and to give people a place to connect and report how they were coping with their new life in seclusion. 

In June, these Zoom calls started to include Meditation and “Healing Gong Relaxations,” prompting Sunny to invest in an extremely high-quality audio interface and other home recording studio equipment & software in order to improve the sound quality of these live Zoom meditation classes. 

Sunny had been a professional radio personality in the 1980’s and had owned Pro Sound & Video Corp in the 1990’s, so he had a strong background in audio.  However, digital audio production had advanced tremendously since 1999, when he sold that business.  Sunny now found himself baffled by the new complexities in this field. 

To become current, Sunny hired a New York Producer, who had just earned his Master’s in Music Technology from NYU, to help him get the best sound possible for his Zoom Meditation Video Recordings.  It is a special challenge to record the sounds produced by a Gong with enough quality for the vibrations to have a powerful effect on the students.  Sunny has spared no expense in time or effort to continue improving that sound quality since July of 2020.

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